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Meet Tonja McNair

Tonja McNair is a minister, author, coach, and entrepreneur who has successfully created a diverse business portfolio including professional life coaching, personal beauty services, and retail sales. 

Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Rochester, NY, Tonja began taking an interest in cosmetology and fashion at an early age and earned her license with an international cosmetology school. Tonja went on to become the owner of two successful businesses: Tonja’s Personal Touch Salon and Headz Up Hats, a hat boutique. Owning these companies expanded Tonja’s experience in business planning, sales and marketing, and client relations. Alongside of her businesses, Tonja also developed a strong interest in social psychology and wanted to pursue further education and training in that area. Tonja attended The Dale Carnegie Institute where she refined her professional abilities by focusing on relationship building skills, effective communication practices and impactful public speaking training. She is also a graduate of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) which has helped to shape her approach to personal coaching and relationship services. Currently, Tonja is the owner of Beyond the Veil Life Coaching, a life coaching and wellness service that provides clients with thoughtful guidance to achieve healthy mind and body lifestyles. Tonja is also working on a three-part book series to inspire readers and offer her insight for a "healthy thought" life. Tonja has consistently participated in programs dedicated to helping young men and women receive the direction and mentorship they need for success. The Learning for Life speaker program and The FACTS Project, a federally funded abstinence until marriage program, are among the groups she has significantly contributed her time to. Tonja has been recognized many ways for her work and her contribution to her professional and personal communities. The Democrat and Chronicle, a local newspaper in Rochester, NY, recognized Tonja as an emerging African American Leader in the community. Further, as a philanthropist, Tonja has donated funds to many programs in the Rochester, NY area such as The Hillside Work Scholarship program, Camp Good Days and the YWCA Young Mother’s Program. At the heart of it all, Tonja truly enjoys making a difference, inspiring people to evolve and achieve vitality in their lives and relationships.

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What My Coaching Can Do For You

(After a session your life will be enriched with tools and advice to carry you onwards and upwards, turning your mountains into stepping stones)

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"I believe in people and I believe that time is precious."

  • How would you like to master your life?

  • What if you were shown systematic, strategic methods that you can put into practice on a daily basis?

  • How would you like to feel empowered instead of giving your power away?

  • Many tendencies stem from thought. As a man thinks, so is he and so he does.

Any thought can be interrupted by making an exchange for "life-giving" thoughts, thus creating a disruption to negative tendencies. Learn to align your actions with "good thinking" thoughts.


My name is Tonja McNair and I am your Inspiration Clarity Life Coach. It is important to me to touch and reshape lives. I want to see you win! My commitment to seeing others do well has been in great part the reason people seek me out and feel comfortable opening up to me for advice to assist them with life challenges and problem-solving. I am personally moved and dedicated to the process of providing value to individuals through service-centered contributions.


I help people transform any area in question. I challenge the way one thinks about life and I provide compelling and insightful methods in order to achieve the right answers tailor-made for them. My style of coaching is a compilation derived from some of the industry’s top well-known speakers and coaches. The model I use to perform the help I give is based on the Dale Carnegie approach, where we look at the incident to determine the actions needed in order to receive the benefit and desired result.


I have helped clients receive good results and keen insight into questionable areas they struggle with. Most leave feeling helped, refreshed, renewed, and enlightened after our encounter. I believe in people and I believe that time is precious. If this is a service you feel you can benefit from, please do not hesitate to email me at or call at 813-720-7335.

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