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How would you like to master your life? What if you were shown systematic strategic methods that you can put into practice on a daily basis? How would you like to feel empowered instead of giving your power away? Many tendencies stem from thought. As a man thinks, so is he and so he does.


Any thought can be interrupted by making an exchange to life giving thoughts, thus creating a disruption to negative tendencies. Learn to align your actions with good thinking thoughts.


My name is Tonja McNair and I am your wellness life coach. It is important to me to touch and reshape lives. I want to see you win! My commitment to see others do well has been in great part the reason people seek me out and feel comfortable opening up to me for advice, to assist them with life challenges and problem solving. I am personally moved and dedicated to the process of providing value to individuals through service-centered contributions.


I help people transform any area in question. I challenge the way one thinks about life and I provide compelling and insightful methods in order to achieve the right answers tailor-made for them. My style of coaching is a compilation derived from some of the industry’s top well-known speakers and coaches. The model I use to perform the help I give is based on the Dale Carnegie approach, where we look at the incident to determine the actions needed in order to receive the benefit and desired result.


I have helped clients receive good results and keen insight into questionable areas they struggle with. Most leave feeling helped, refreshed, renewed and enlightened after our encounter. I believe in people and I believe that time is precious. If this is a service you feel you can benefit from, please do not hesitate to email me at

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