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“When Coaching with Tonja McNair, it’s always refreshing, honest, and therapeutic! Tonja McNair can bring forth truth and honesty, all while fostering a sense of trust in a meaningful way. After coaching with Tonja, I leave feeling knowledgeable, encouraged, and enlightened with tools to move forward with on this journey called life!”


Barbra Forte - Business Owner


“Tonja was extremely instrumental through the process of my healing. She coached me during my separation and ultimate divorce. She has been an “Ace” post-divorce. She always has a listening ear readily available. After coaching with Tonja McNair, I felt empowered and strengthened to move forward. Her wisdom is that of someone who can see a problem and create a resolve that promotes healing. She is brutally honest, all while displaying compassion, never bruising the soul of one in need. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone needing emotional support and healing”

Vensuelas Varacas - Certified Teacher Prince George’s County Public Schools


“When coaching with Tonja, she demonstrated a Godly perspective, she was super encouraging even in difficult situations and she always kept perspective. She was easy to talk to because she is relatable.”


Barb Silva - Dental Hygienist

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